Deploying Bare Metal VIRL PE on Packet

Changes to VIRL deployments on

As of August 2017, deploying VIRL on Packet is simpler and easier. With new features available on Packet, the VIRL team is now able to leverage Packet's iPXE service to provision VIRL PE.
New Features
  • No additional software required
    • vBox, Terraform, Vagrant, or an existing installation of VIRL PE is no longer needed
  • Reduced number of pre-requisites. All you need is:
    1. A valid VIRL PE License
    2. A account
  • Deployments in less than 10 minutes
  • Deploy VIRL PE directly from your Packet portal
  • Apply VIRL license and custom passwords using a single file
Removed Features
  • dead-man's timer is NO longer pre-configured. You MUST delete your VIRL bare-metal system in order to stop charges from accruing
  • OpenVPN is NOT pre-configured but may be enabled after Packet provisioning