Installing VIRL on VMware Fusion Pro®

The steps required to install VIRL onto an Apple Mac using VMware Fusion Pro are described and illustrated below.

Keep it simple.

The instructions below cover the basic recommended deployment scenario where the VIRL IP configuration is provided by the host using DHCP and the external virtual networks are configured to match VIRL defaults.

If you know what you are doing and wish to customize VIRL to meet non-default connectivity requirements replace steps 5 through 8 below with steps 4 through 10 of the 'ISO to a VM' installation.

Step 1:  Get Started

Step 2:  Download the VIRL OVA

Step 3:  Create and Configure Virtual Networks

Step 4:  Deploy the VIRL OVA

Step 5:  Prepare VIRL for Activation

Step 6:  Activate VIRL

Step 7:  Customize the VIRL Configuration (Optional)

Step 8:  Validate the VIRL Installation

Step 9:  Install and Configure VM Maestro

End of Installation.